Main Street

How the Main Street Approach Works

The 4 point Main Street methodology works to create a total image for the
community: providing the retail/professional area with its necessary market
niche, creating a cohesive visual identity unique to the district and nurturing
a cultural ambiance associated with the district’s location, appearance and
way of life. The Main Street Approach gradually builds on existing resources
and fosters improved district leadership and support for long term benefits.

The 4 Points

  1. Organization is the building of consensus and cooperation between groups that play a role in the district.
  2. Design involves improving the districtís image by improving its physical appearance and its environmental experience.
  3. Promotion involves marketing the districtís unique characteristics to residents, shoppers, investors, new businesses, tourists and others.
  4. Business Development means strengthening and diversifying the existing economic base of the district

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