Our “5” Pillars

1) Creativity

Mills 50 is proud to be home to a mix of creative professionals. This includes traditional forms of creativity such as photography, fine art, art framing, mural painting, art galleries, graphic design studios, advertising agencies, writers, musicians and the performing arts as well as those of fashion / lifestyle creativity; hair and nail salons, tattoo studios and clothing / alterations shops. Their creative energy permeates our district can definitely be felt throughout.

2) Health

Our district collectively possesses a strong progressive mindset. We believe in, support, promote and practice healthy living whenever possible. This goes for outright personal physical health, internal spiritual health as well as awareness of our daily actions that affect the environmental health of the city, state and planet we call home. So of you want to find the perfect road bike, learn jujitsu, plan your 5k training schedule, join a gym, meet your next personal trainer, align your chakras, learn about holistic living, eat organically or take a class to discover how to reduce your wasteful habits –you can do them all within the Mills 50 district. In many ways, we are a self-sustainable living district –everything you need is within walking / biking distance.

3) Unity

Centrally located between Downtown Orlando, College Park, Winter Park and Baldwin Park; Mills 50 is home to some of Orlando’s most established and historic neighborhoods, including ColonialTown, Lake Eola Heights, Park Lake Highland and Hillcrest. These neighborhoods are home to countless small businesses that range from accounting, banking, dining, real estate and design. Schools located within our district are Lake Highland Prep, Hillcrest Elementary, Misty Forrest Learning Academy, Windows Preschool and Florida School for Holistic Living. Within our many commercial businesses, schools, residents and neighborhood groups there is a strong commitment to property ownership, district improvements and “quality of life.”

4) Balance

Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, the Martial Arts, foot detox scrubs, astrology charts … The list goes on when it comes to Mills 50 district businesses aimed to help you find your center and balance your spirit. In addition to personal balance this pillar represents the “balance” of lifestyle we offer. We are NOT a private, gated community. We are NOT manufactured suburbia. We are NOT slick condo living. We are NOT a vacuous strip mall area. We are NOT a sprawling campus development. We ARE responsible and active home owners. We ARE entrepreneurial business owners. We ARE a healthy mix of neighborhoods, schools, businesses, markets, specialty shops, restaurants, fine wines and dive bars. We have busy thoroughfares and quiet brick streets. We have oak trees older than many Orlando communities. We have old buildings and brand new homes. We have a little bit of everything –the perfect balance.

5) Diversity

The most unmistakable element of Mills 50, to anyone that has experienced our district is our cultural, lifestyle and architectural diversity. Business owners with roots from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, England and many other countries have settled into our district and provided culture, stability, energy and spirit. The Mills 50 District also embraces our long-involved gay / lesbian community, for the vibrancy of life they bring to the area. So weather you want to grab a slice of NY pizza, purchase imported Earl Grey tea, pick up some fried rice, find some dragon fruit or prepare for a costume party … it’s all here.