Art Box Project

6 thoughts on “Art Box Project

  1. Dustin Thomas

    I am interested in painting one of the power boxes and would like to know any information and how I go about applying for one.

  2. Kimberly Lewis

    There is an electric box on my employer’s lot that is unpainted. I want to volunteer to paint it. I’m interested in knowing what types of paint/varnish the artists have used for the best longevity on the boxes in your district.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. joanne.grant

      We use PPG (Porter Paints) for all the supplies for the utility cabinets. The utility cabinets need to be primed before painting so the paint will adhere. We use Porter Guard metal primer. It is white or eggshell in color. It is easier and faster to use a roller.
      The paint used is exterior latex satin. Most of the artists use regular paint brushes. The sealer is called “Breakthrough” – a clear polyurethane coating. Again – faster to use a roller. Makes it very easy to clean if the cabinet gets tagged. You simply wipe with graffiti wipes and the graffiti is easily removed.


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