Why join Mills 50?

We love what Mills 50 is doing–especially with the art boxes. We will continue to support the organization.
-Beau Armstrong, VP
Armstrong Lock & Security Products

The Mills 50 organization and Joanne have truly been invaluable for my business. It has provided an opportunity for us to network with the other businesses and stay abreast of the wonderful improvements happening in our neighborhood. Joanne is always available as a knowledgeable resource, whether that is to facilitate communication with the City or help deal with graffiti removal. I truly believe that every single business and resident of this district should be a member!
-Dr. Brighid Williams
Eola Eyes

It has been my pleasure being a member of the Mills 50 District and having Joanne Grant as its director. Many of my customers have commented on the positive changes that have taken place, including the banners. art boxes and planters. It has certainly created interest and a sense of community in our district.

-Curtis Carswell
The Great Escape Frame & Art

Become a member… for the art, diversity and culture that surrounds you!
Become a member… for the utility art boxes, Mills 50 banners and planters that adorn the area!
Become a member… for the Mills 50 Membership gatherings where you develop new friends, alliances and support!
Become a member… for the City of Orlando connections, making any business processes less painful, understanding that you have someone one your side!
Become a member… because realizing that being a member is being a part of the community that wants to see you succeed!

-Michelle Williams, VP
Mr. Williams Tattoo Co.

I love the community spirit we experience as members of Mills/50. It has been a joy to meet our fellow business neighbors, share ideas and together watch our business district expand and be more inviting to Central Florida residents.

-Betsy Hughes, President
Track Shack

Mills 50 is an amazing organization dedicated to making our little corner of this great city better! If you love and hang out in this part of town, check ’em out and help if you can. Giving back is good karma 🙂

-Wally’s Mills Avenue Liquors

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